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First Tech Challenge Team 18657 Located In New York City

We are AIM Robotics, FTC team 18657 based in NYC

Our team, AIM Robotics was founded in fall 2020 and is now participating in our second year of First Tech Challenge.  Read through our site to learn more, or simply get in touch.

Participating in FTC, we’re always looking for new ways to expand, transform and reinvent our robot. We’re proud to present our robot, Griffy. Named after an old mascot, you can view the current and previous iterations of our robot here.

We like to give updates on what is happening within our team. On our blog, The Bullseye, we post entries frequently about events, our robot, and our team members. Feel free to visit our updates section to learn more about our team!

We are so appreciative for the companies and individuals that have helped sponsor our team. Please continue reading for details on what our partners are doing to help us achieve our ambitious goals and compete in FTC. If you’d like to learn more about our sponsors or how to join the list, don’t hesitate in reaching out.

There have been many highlights of our robotics team over the years. In our Gallery tab, you can find different photos and videos featuring important moments in our FTC journey.

About FIRST™ Tech Challenge

First Tech Challenge (FTC), is a global robotics competition. Each year there is a new challenge that teams from around the world must create a robot to compete in. 

This year's challenge is POWERPLAY. _____

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